We provide Baby Massage at your home

  •  Once you have 'asked permission’, gently hold one of your baby's legs between your palms.
  • Then, with one hand, hold your baby's ankle securely. Mould your other hand around the top of your child's thigh, then slide it down the leg towards the ankle. 
  • Swap hands and repeat. Always keep your child's ankle supported and use slow, flowing strokes.
  • Next, cradle your child's foot in your hands and use your thumbs to stroke over the sole of the foot from heel to toes, one thumb after another. Hold your fingers in a tripod grip and gently tug each toe between thumb and finger.
  • Holding your child's foot in your hands, walk the thumbs across the middle third of the foot from one side to the other like a little caterpillar crawling on a leaf.
  • You could also do circles on the palms of their hands singing ‘Round and round the garden like a teddy bear’. Continue with finger and thumb tugs.
  • Finish by repeating the stroking action in the opposite direction, i.e. from ankle to thigh.
  • You can repeat each stroke a few times, always responding to what your child seems to enjoy.

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