Corporate Offices, Hospital, Malls, School, Society, Internal House Cleaning, Banks

(A)  General Cleaning

  1. Floor Sterilization 
  2. Toilet Cleaning 
  3. Furniture Cleaning
  4. Surface Treatment
  5. Walls and Ceiling
  6. Kitchen Cleaning
  7. Window Cleaning

(B)  Deep Cleaning

  1. Floor cleaning
  2. Doors and Window Cleaning.
  3. Connecting Channels of Sliding Doors and Windows.
  4. Mosquito Net Cleaning. Metallic grills of windows, welcome doors and all the other areas where it is installed.
  5. Fan, Tube-lights, Switch Boards, TV, Sofa, Table and any other cabinets which are installed anywhere at you home.
  6. Kitchen Area cleaning including inner grills of your kitchen cabinets, external cleaning of every electrical appliances etc.
  7. Toilet, Bathroom cleaning service includes cleaning of all the mirrors, partition glasses or metallic fixtures.

* Rates:- Rs 2/- Per Square feet

Internal House Cleaning

Rates :-

  • 1 RK Rs 600/- Per Months
  • 1 BHK Rs 800/- Per Months
  • 2 BHK Rs 1400/- Per Months
  • Bungalows Rs 2500/- Per Months 

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